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Welcome to the adventure!

Beks Tryth Freeman (they/he) is a professional sword-wielding chaos goblin: an actor, writer, martial artist, and musician with a passion for using stories to reveal the everyday magic of joy and remind people they're not alone. Beks is dedicating their life to reshape who gets to speak and fight for themselves on stage, screen and page.

The Backstory

Where there is a sword to be swung, song to be sung, or tale to be spun, you’re sure to find Beks Tryth Freeman. Also known as “the sword-wielding chaos goblin,” Beks is an actor-combatant, writer, and singer/musician based in West Lafayette, Indiana. He’s passionate about using stories to empower others. Focusing on queer performance and Shakespeare, Beks has worked on and offstage with the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, Purdue Theatre, the Hoosier Shakespeare Festival, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, the Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette, and the Unstaged Podcast. Their plays are available on NPX (pen name: B. T. Freeman), and their poetry is published in Querencia Press, Beyond the Veil Press, and The Bell Tower. Actor combatant with Dueling Arts International. When he's not writing like he's running out of time, they spend time with family, play D&D, read something new, and catch up on Critical Role.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Instagram: @beks.4real

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