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"Dementia" (also titled "Silent Memory Castle")

CW: dementia, smoking

Published in The Bell Tower, 2022.

"Fiction Jam"

Genres of all types crash in the speaker's imagination, causing some crazy mix-ups.

Published in The Bell Tower, 2022.

"Bavaria, the birthplace of yodeling"

Lies For Children - NonBinary Review Issue #34

Published by Zoetic Press. Order the book here.

"Gender Dysphoria is Like Charybdis," "Call Time"

Do Not Tap On The Glass - Anthology 5

Published by Beyond the Veil Press. Order the book here.

"Being Non-Binary is Like Multiclassing Across Genders, Chapter 1: Character Sheet,"
"Being Non-Binary is Boxed Like Schrodinger’s Gender,"
"Being Non-Binary is Like Being at the Triple Point of Water,"
"Being Non-Binary is Like Being the Book in a Book Club,"
"Being Non-Binary is Like a Gender Re-Reveal Party"

Not Ghosts, But Spirits - Volume I

Published by Querencia Press. Order the book here.

"The Power Of Playing A Living Dream,"
"Leave A Message, or, a Peaceful Protest Gone Badly"

Is Leaving The Opposite Of Haunting? - Issue #3

Published by Trash Wonderland. Read the book here.

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