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Twelfth Night Goeth Awry

Comedy                                                         Cast: 10 any

Co-writer: Anna Shura

The Utopian Aire Theatre is putting on their first production: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night! Unfortunately, multiple things go a little bit...wrong.

Productions: Purdue Theatre, fall 2022.

Publications & Productions

"On The Cusp"

Ten-minute play, Zoom or in-person. Cast: 5 open.

As the moon, Pisces, Mars, and Venus bemoan the fate of humanity, Earth defends her inhabitants and the ephemeral beauty of their existence.

Premier: Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival.

Directed by Emma Went.


Open Scene, Cast: 2 any

Publication: Mini Plays Review, Sept. 2023 issue

Paperback version here

Ebook version here

Blood Vow

Cast: Open race/ethnicity. 1 she/her, 2 he/him, 5 any gender.


The quick-witted Lady Isabel Radclyf faces magic and demons when an old lover of hers mysteriously returns.​

Premier: Unstaged Podcast

Directed by Jenna VanWeelden.


Ten-minute play, Zoom

Cast: 2 female, 1 African-American female, 1 white male, 1 any gender/race/ethnicity


Where do you turn when life falls apart? Five people struggle to find connection as they trudge through life in 2020.

Premier: Theatre, Virtually: A Festival of Ten-Minute Plays for Zoom, Purdue Theatre.

Directed by Emma Poor.

Awards: Purdue Theatre 2020-21 Best Workshop

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