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One Poem in Anodyne Magazine Volume 2

See my poem "Safe Snacks" in volume 2 of Anodyne Press! Ebook, paperback, and audiobook versions available.

One Poem in Eco Punk Literary issue I

See my poem "Abandon Earth" in issue I of Eco Punk Literary!

One Poem in The NonBinary Review

See my poem "Bavaria, the birthplace of yodeling" in issue 34 of The NonBinary Review!

Two Poems in Trash Wonderland Issue 3

See my poems "Leave A Message, or, a Peaceful Protest Gone Badly" and "The Power Of Playing A Living Dream" in Trash Wonderland's Issue 3: "Is Leaving the Opposite of Haunting?"

Two Poems in Clinch Lit issue IV

See my poems "Arsenic and Axe Throwing" and "The Interactive Museum of Theatrical Combat" in issue IV of Clinch, a literary magazine dedicated to martial arts!

Two Poems in Beyond The Veil Press

See two of my poems in Beyond the Veil Press's Do Not Tap On The Glass, an anthology series on mental health.

Five Poems in Not Ghosts But Spirits

See five of my poems in Querencia Press's Not Ghosts, But Spirits – Volume 1, an anthology series centering women's, queer, trans, and non-binary voices. Proceeds support Saving Our Sisters.

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